Physicians will recommend supportive care provided by licensed caregivers or healthcare professionals for patients and injured workers that require additional time to recover but no longer need to remain in the hospital or care facility. This type of supportive care may come in the form of medical treatment, therapy sessions, assistance to meet activities of daily living, or ADL that is provided in the comfort of your home.

Direct Pay Provider Network understands that obtaining quality Home Health service requires proper and swift scheduling. You can rely on our team at Direct Pay Provider Network to expedite the medical scheduling of your patient’s or injured worker’s Home Health service. Our specialists will do the work for you; we know medical scheduling best! We help you avoid the time-consuming and stress-inducing administrative scheduling procedures while providing billing and reporting management for each patient.

Through partnering with Direct Pay, our clients have seen savings as much as 65% off bill charges from the provider and up to 35% off fee schedules!

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