Scheduling medical services and management of billing and reporting for workers’ compensation patients is, by all accounts, complicated. From making the initial call for setting an appointment, to dealing with mountains of paperwork, to seeking stakeholder approvals, to confirming the appointment, and everything else in between–the whole process entails a tedious amount of work. For an injured employee or ill patient who needs to undergo medical diagnosis, procedures, and therapy – medical scheduling is often a daunting task.

This is where Direct Pay Provider Network comes in.

We are a dedicated team of individuals whose experience in the medical and insurance industries has made us experts in navigating the complexities of the medical scheduling process. We facilitate the entire process through which the patient is scheduled for the medical or health service they require through a network of providers. The end result is less legwork for you while providing exceptional service and savings.

Our exceptional medical scheduling service encompasses a wide array of treatments and procedures, diagnostic evaluations, and therapy programs. These include:

As your premier choice for dependable and fast medical scheduling, Direct Pay Provider Network also facilitates billing and reporting on each patient. Benefiting all stakeholders, we communicate with employers, claims adjusters, case managers, TPAs, insurance providers, and risk managers. In the process, we significantly reduce overall medical costs for our clients.

Trust Direct Pay Provider Network to take charge of the critical and foremost step of medical scheduling while providing prompt billing and accurate reporting on each and every patient.

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