Patients undergo Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE), and Impairment Rating or Testing to help determine outcomes of injury or progressive disease treatments. Alongside other data, results of these tests could be a determinant of an employee’s employability or capacity to return to work.

When the treating doctor orders a FCE, WCE, or impairment testing for a patient, medical scheduling can be a challenge for the case manager, employer, claims adjuster, or risk manager.

Direct Pay Provider Network helps alleviate this administrative burden. We offer exceptional scheduling service for your patient’s or injured worker’s FCE, WCE and Impairment Rating appointments so you spend less time on each case while saving money.

In terms of quick and efficient scheduling, our team of dedicated individuals knows the ropes. We follow the rules and regulations and stay on top of paperwork for expedited medical scheduling. We work closely with claims adjusters, case managers, TPAs, risk managers and employers. We help our clients save up to 65% on bill charges from the provider and up to 35% on fee schedules!

Is your patient ready to undergo the medical evaluations ordered by their treating physician to assess post-injury treatments and determine the patient’s return-to-work capacity? Call Direct Pay Provider Network for hassle-free, quick, and efficient medical scheduling.

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