The cornerstone of any medical practice is its ability to provide the best quality of care.

A less visible yet equally important aspect of guaranteeing high-quality healthcare lies in a company’s efficiency when it comes to handling back-office processes.

With Direct Pay, the administrative end of the business is well taken care of—essentially, the things that give medical providers for workers’ compensation patients’ nightmares. We eliminate unnecessary documentation such as prior authorizations and filing for reimbursements. Workers’ comp doctors and providers can instead use that time saved to focus on patients.

The claims process is made more streamlined for all parties involved because workers’ compensation doctors are already familiar with the workers’ compensation system. More importantly, Direct Pay is affiliated with highly vetted providers who are some of the best company doctors in the industry.

Having spent years in the medical field, we at Direct Pay have developed the aptitude that allows us to extend the quality of care that you would expect from the top players in the industry.

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