It is always a challenging time when injuries occur at work—both for the worker and the employer. In recent years, employers and high-level management have become increasingly involved in the workers’ compensation process to ensure that proper medical or rehabilitation services are made available to the injured employee.

All of this is done while carefully ensuring that the management and delivery of services fully align with the interests of the organization.

At Direct Pay Provider Network, we offer specialized medical scheduling solutions that, ultimately, can lead to seamless coordination and reduced administrative burden for the employer. We are committed to giving injured patients quick access to medical and rehabilitation services from various providers.

With these goals in mind, we strive to build a solid partnership and coordinate closely with employers to ensure that these services are delivered seamlessly—and that the financial risks are properly managed.

At Direct Pay Provider Network – we know how to cut medical costs for employers handling workers’ compensation claims. We acknowledge that employers are required to take action in the work comp claims process. By partnering with us, you enjoy exceptional service and ease in dealing with the administrative burdens of helping patients get the best medical attention they deserve.

Managed costs and greater savings are part of the deal, too! Our clients see savings go as high as 65% off bill charges from the provider and up to 35% off of fee schedules!

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