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Advantages of Using Direct Pay as a Patient Medical Scheduling Provider

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workers compensation provider network

Advantages of Using Direct Pay as a Patient Medical Scheduling Provider

Medical scheduling is easy with the Direct Pay provider network. Your medical office is busy managing everyday crises. Scheduling, billing and reporting on each individual patient takes up a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be easier to share the load? We can offer you many benefits when you sign up for our service.

Healthcare today is taking steps towards maximizing the efficiency and quality of visits while minimizing costs. Streamlining administrative duties can help with that. By adopting a more structured and unified approach to caregiving and documentation, our national medical network is working towards a better system.

We Prevent Referral Leakage

Referral leakage causes millions of dollars in lost revenue for healthcare systems every year. When you use our medical scheduling system, we can send patients to a doctor in your network, essentially stopping leakage and making your health organization more financially prosperous. Simply have treating physicians call Direct Pay to order a test, therapy, or treatment. We schedule MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, myelograms, discograms, arthrograms and all diagnostic radiology. We also cover EMG/NCV, work hardening and FCE.

We Decrease Lead Times

Time constraints and operational inefficiencies in a medical office can lead to problems such as unnecessarily long lead times before appointments. This is a major inconvenience for both doctors and patients. Appointment scheduling systems are the basis of efficiency and timely access to health services. Our national medical network can make it a more effective process so patients have a shorter waiting period and higher satisfaction rate.

We Improve Completion Rates

By using a central system that communicates with patients, nurse case managers, claims adjusters, employers, providers and treating physicians, you’ll always have access to the information you need. Find out the status of patient referrals and make sure they’re seen in a timely manner. We handle the process with ease, ensuring timely care and improving completion rates.

By working with Direct Pay, you’re essentially pumping money into your healthcare network and improving patient relations. By preventing referral leakage and decreasing lead times, you’ll find that your business runs more efficiently and successfully. Join our network today.

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