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What is a Medical Provider Network and What is Its Role in Workers’ Compensation

workers compensation provider network

Generally, a medical provider network (MPN) is a group of medical and health care providers including hospitals, doctors, laboratories, therapists, etc., and one of their main objectives is to enter into a contract with health plans to be authorized to provide medical and health care services to their members at agreed or negotiated rates. A workers […]

How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Paid?

How Are Workers Compensation Benefits Paid

Illnesses or accidents in the workplace are situations that employers try so hard to prevent, and it’s a nightmare experience when they do happen. The problem doesn’t end there, though.   After the incident, employers then have to deal with the complex process of workers’ compensation, which could be overwhelming at times.   When handling workers’ […]

Can You Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits from a Work-Related Car Accident?

claim workers comp insurance from car accident

In many industries, driving is a common task that many workers must do. Vehicles are utilized as a mode of transport to move individuals and materials from one work site to another, or as means of delivery and collection. Since millions of workers undergo driving or ride a vehicle as part of their jobs, car-related […]

What You Need to Know About Occupational Diseases and Workers’ Compensation

Occupational Diseases and Workers Compensation

Whenever a topic about workers’ compensation is raised, many people almost always associate it with benefits employees receive as a result of injuries sustained from work-related accidents. While it is true, not really all work-related injuries are caused by accidents. Many of these are a result of occupational diseases. According to the U.S. Bureau of […]

Workers’ Compensation: 3 Things You Need To Know If You Have A Retail Business

Things You Need To Know If You Have A Retail Business

The retail industry is one of the core engines that drive the American economy, making up 19 percent of the country’s GDP, at 3.9 trillion USD annually, according to this (NRF) National Retail Federation report.  And the lifeblood of this sector is its employees who provide services and goods to customers.  Their jobs mostly consist of […]

Things You Need to Know about Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses

Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses

By law, employers, including owners of small businesses, are responsible for providing their employees with a safe working environment. No matter what business your company is engaged in, accidents can happen. It is supported by the fact that there are 2.8 cases of occupational injuries for every 100 full-time private industry employees. With more than 150 million […]

Qs & As on How the Workers’ Compensation System can Operate During a Pandemic

workers compensation during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of businesses to close because their employees are compelled to stay home to avoid getting infected with the deadly disease. But the government allows businesses that offer essential products or services to operate because they are highly needed. A few non-essential companies that can implement COVID-19 safety protocols […]

How can Workers’ Comp Medical Scheduling Help to Simplify the Job of Nurse Case Managers

Hard work. Construction worker in protective helmet feeling back pain while working at construction site. Building construction. Pain concept. Dangerous job

A majority of nurse case managers are registered nurses working for a carrier of workers’ compensation insurance or workers comp case management companies. Their main responsibility in the health care industry includes: As a third party whose task is to facilitate prompt and accurate communication between the parties involved,  a nurse case manager is one person […]