Do you have a patient or injured worker currently recovering from illness or injury? The treating physician may have recommended In-Home Therapy – a structured type of therapy that employs advanced techniques to improve strength and coordination abilities that could have declined due to the patient’s condition. In-Home Therapy requires a professional clinician to come to the patient’s home to assist with recovery and rehabilitation activities and encourage the involvement of family in the process.

Scheduling in-home therapy care can be quite a tedious and time-consuming process for case managers. There are administrative tasks and paperwork that need to be accomplished, but who has time for all that?
Direct Pay Provider Network does! We are a team of medical scheduling specialists with years of experience in the medical and insurance industries and an in-depth understanding of workers’ compensation claims. You can count on us to promptly schedule In-Home Therapy and manage the entire process for your patients or injured workers.

At Direct Pay Provider Network, we also facilitate billing and reporting on each patient. Our service also encompasses close contact with all stakeholders including physicians, insurance companies, case managers, and adjusters. Did we mention that we help our clients save up to 65% on bill charges from the provider and at least 35% on fee schedules?

If you need to schedule In-Home Therapy service

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