Do you have patients that are injured or suffering from a progressive disease involving inflamed nerves in the spine? The treating physician may prescribe Epidural Steroid Injection to relieve pain. Nine million patients across the United States have received this minimally invasive procedure to alleviate arm, back, neck, or leg pain due to disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and spondylolysis.

Quick medical scheduling is key to ensure a timely ESI appointment. The problem? The scheduling process is often laden with tedious administrative tasks that require a lot of paperwork and usually take a long time.

Direct Pay Provider Network consists of a team of medical scheduling experts with experience in the insurance industry, offering you a solution. We know it is imperative that an Epidural Steroid Injection be administered without delay. After all, dealing with chronic pain due to a health problem is a daunting experience for an injured or ill worker!

We excel at quick medical scheduling for patients while managing their billing and reporting. We reduce bill charges from providers and fee schedules by up to 65% and 35%, respectively – providing our clients exceptional savings!

Direct Pay Provider Network is determined to ensure expedited medical scheduling so your patients can focus on what matters most: getting ESI for pain relief and looking forward to treatment and healing. Stop worrying about the hassle of scheduling ESI appointments. Call us today for efficient and quick medical scheduling!

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