Dental injuries may not be as common as other workers compensation claims, but they can be just as challenging, complex, and costly. Any workplace incident involving falling objects, slips, or falls is likely to involve physical trauma from the neck up and result in a dental injury that requires immediate attention from the most experienced dental specialists.

Dental injury is a type of workers compensation claim that can be properly handled with a specialized dental management approach. If dental claims are not properly managed, they can hurt the claim’s outcome, delaying the injured worker’s recovery and adding unnecessary—and usually hefty—costs.

As experienced medical scheduling specialists, Direct Pay understands the workers compensation dental claims landscape. We know how coordination and scheduling can be crucial in the optimal management of this type of claims.

In providing medical scheduling services for workers compensation, Direct Pay Provider Network aims to help our clients and partners navigate the system easily while reducing the expenses associated with each work-related injury. An equally significant step in successfully handling a dental injury is finding a reputable dentist or an experienced dental expert with adequate clinical expertise for complex dental conditions.

Direct Pay now offers one of the most robust workers compensation dental networks in the country with over 282,000 dental providers nationwide in the DenteMax Dental Network. Regarded as one of the country’s largest dental PPO networks, DenteMax is our clinical partner in giving you access to high-quality and cost-effective dental services. Without delay, the most credible dental practitioner can evaluate the injured patient’s condition and present a treatment and recovery plan that will restore the worker’s functionality to pre-injury status.

Our skilled staff at Direct Pay can make sure your workers compensation dental referral is an easy process while allowing you to worry with the other aspects of your day that occupy your time. Our proven system for scheduling, reporting and billing management and facilitation will help you worry less about the stressful scheduling process all while getting you a discount off of the fee schedule.