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What Is Medical Scheduling For Workers’ Compensation?

Young female doctor and practitioner working at the reception desk, she is answering phone calls and scheduling appointments
Young female doctor and practitioner working at the reception desk, she is answering phone calls and scheduling appointments

First of all, what is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that covers all medical and rehabilitation costs, and even lost wages for employees who got injured at work. Workers’ Compensation is mandated by law and required in all states. However, filing all the documents and claims requirements takes up a lot of resources for the employer. This is where Medical Scheduling comes in.

Medical scheduling companies offer workers’ compensation assistance by taking care of processing, coordinating and scheduling all medical treatments and rehabilitation, providing for required medical equipment as well as managing appointments with doctors. A quality medical scheduling company should also provide other administrative services like managing billing and reporting the case for the injured employee.

Scheduling medical services for injured employees under workers’ compensation is a complex process. A lot of tasks are involved including managing billing, reporting cases, making calls to people involved and setting doctors’ appointments.
Having a wide workers compensation provider network in Alabama is crucial because building outstanding relationships with medical and insurance providers allows clients to save on medical expenses and bill charges.

Direct Pay Services has the biggest workers compensation provider network in Alabama. We have built a strong network with a wide array of managed care partners including Nurse Case Managers, Risk Managers, Employers, Insurance Brokers, Medical Providers, Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters & TPAs. Through this network, injured employees can avail of a wide array of treatments and procedures: MRI, CT Scan, and Diagnostic Radiology for diagnostic evaluations; specific professional therapy services (PT, OT, CHT) for rehabilitation, Arthrogram, Myelogram, Discogram for joint problems;  and even Electromyography EMG or Nerve Conduction Velocity tests for muscle, nerve or spinal injuries.

Direct Pay Services provides exceptional medical scheduling services through an integrated system that makes processing hassle-free, efficient, and cost-effective. We are a dedicated team of experienced experts in navigating through the complicated medical scheduling process for workers’ compensation. We will take care of the entire process while also provide exceptional service and savings.

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