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How To Reduce Costs When Scheduling Workers’ Compensation Medical Care

Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insurance
Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insurance

According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration, all employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace that is free of any known hazards. This is why all employees receive workers’ compensation, which is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who get injured or sick from work-related causes. For business owners, workers compensation medical cost containment is a struggle. It is quite difficult to reduce workers’ compensation costs. There are always claims that arise from something as small and simple as an ankle strain to a more severe accident-related injury while on-the-job, like a broken leg caused by falling machinery. Employers need to be ready for these problems. Aside from paying the premium of your workers’ compensation insurance, there are more costs to be incurred when on-site accidents and injuries occur.

When an injured employee goes on leave, the company needs to train a replacement, have someone investigate and implement necessary changes to ensure that the same accident won’t happen again. This is when workers compensation cost containment becomes a challenge because productivity is affected, damages have to be fixed and there are issues among employees in terms of replacements and adjustments in the team.

How will you reduce costs when scheduling workers’ compensation medical care? By hiring a medical management and scheduling services provider, medical cost containment is very possible. Here’s how:

  1. A medical scheduling company can coordinate with medical service providers for employers for medical treatment and care of patient employees. They will monitor all medical expenses to ensure that there are no unnecessary spending and billing issues caused by incorrect or unjustified charges and errors.
  2. A medical scheduling services provider will make sure that all accidents or injuries are reported immediately and efficiently. Early reporting of work-related sickness and injuries allows the patient employee to be given medical care ASAP which can prevent complications and save on possible additional costs.
  3. Hiring a medical management and scheduling provider means you won’t overwork any in-house staff in the HR department by giving them more tasks. You also don’t need to hire any new personnel to take care of coordinating for workers’ compensation. This allows existing staff to focus on their existing work and tasks instead of doing calls, making paperwork, reporting on paperwork etc.

When it comes to workers compensation medical cost containment, Direct Pay Provider Network saves our clients medical costs while providing exceptional service  through quick scheduling, billing and reporting on each and every patient we come across. Direct Pay Provider offers a wide array of managed care provider services that are integrated into your company’s insurance plan. We have the bargaining power to provide our clients with highly-competitive monthly rates without sacrificing quality.

Direct Pay makes medical scheduling easy and hassle free! The next time a treating physician orders a test or treatment for an employee, call Direct Pay at (866) 214-5920.

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