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The Benefits of Using Medical Scheduling for Workers Compensation Claims

Paying bills. Payment of utility, bank, restaurant and other bills. Flat design modern vector illustration concept.
Paying bills. Payment of utility, bank, restaurant and other bills. Flat design modern vector illustration concept.

Meet Joe, he works as a painter and is climbing up ladders on a regular basis. He’s spending a regular Friday working at his job when he suffers a terrible accident. No one’s at fault, but he still finds himself with a broken leg! Not only is he injured and off the job, but there’s a whole lot of paperwork, planning, and medical bills in his future. Does the burden of handling all of that fall on Joe while he’s busy recovering? Does it fall on Joe’s boss who’s now tasked with filling all of Joe’s responsibilities while he’s in the hospital? Neither of these hard-working people deserve to have more work and stress dumped on top of them during this trying time. The insurance providers or TPA’s (third-party administrators) who exist mainly for employers who self-insure their employees) aren’t here to handle this extra work. Their job is to make sure that everyone pays the right amount in these situations, but they won’t handle all of the extra paperwork. So who can Joe and his boss turn to? It might seem like their only option is to handle all of this extra work on their own. Luckily for everyone, something called medical scheduling for workers’ compensation exists. Companies like Direct Pay Provider Network are here to make everyone’s life easier by handling all of the coordination, scheduling, reporting, and billing in an unfortunate situation like this one. Instead of all of the legwork falling onto poor Joe’s shoulders, medical scheduling for workers’ compensation exists to help everyone in this predicament to navigate the complicated world of medical billing. In a case like Joe’s, in which no large insurance company is involved, TPA medical scheduling can be a big help. In order to get the best customer service, and the lowest rates in the medical scheduling business, get in touch with Direct Pay Provider Network today. Not only will billing be handled in a simple and streamlined way, but reduced medical and indemnity costs for the employer will ensure that every time there’s a need for us, you will know exactly who to call!

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