Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-05-13T13:42:34-05:00
What makes Direct Pay different from the competition?2018-10-03T00:26:32-05:00

Simply put, our service is the best in our industry. We schedule your patients and get you their reports more quickly than anyone else. Direct Pay is operated by people who have worked in the medical and insurance fields for many years. We bring together the knowledge and experience that comes with years spent in the trenches in these industries. We understand the needs of payers and providers because we’ve been there. We bring a sense of urgency and an attention to detail to our work that you won’t find anywhere else. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

How do I refer a patient?2018-12-04T18:17:36-06:00

We make it easy, by giving you four ways to refer a patient:

How competitive are your rates?2018-10-03T00:58:18-05:00

We are contracted with several nationwide Managed Care companies with whom we have very competitive rates. In addition, we have very competitive client specific rates with several of our clients. Give us a call for more information.

How does my facility become part of your network?2018-10-03T00:59:00-05:00

Facilities wanting to become part of the network should call our toll-free number (205) 397-3096 or e-mail us at

What do I do when I cannot access the portal?2020-03-23T02:04:46-05:00

If you are having problems or issues with portal access, please email or call 205-381-4222 ext. 2319 for assistance.

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